Why Did I Create Learn to Be Great?

I want to empower others by simplifying and sharing everything I’ve learned about personal development, personal finance, health, fitness, and life.

I’m obsessed with having just the right amount of information here that is relevant and useful. However, I don’t know everything–not even close! So, I need your help to continuously improve this website with your feedback, knowledge, and insights.

My Story

“Don’t put your fingers in the electrical outlet!” my dad yelled. Doesn’t Parenting 101 teach you never to suggest anything dangerous to your children?” You might electrocute yourself and die!”

I was always a very curious boy, so I had to see what would really happen as I put my finger in the socket…

To this day, I swear to God that I heard what sounded like a big transformer blowing up after being struck by lightning during a thunderstorm.

The room went dark–it was still light out–as if I were looking through black sunglasses.

I looked down at my finger and realized that the tip of my finger was black.

My ears were ringing… I have no idea what happened afterward, but I’m still alive!

Growing Up

I was raised by your stereotypical Asian parents. They did the best they could and gave me the usual parental guidance, which I usually ignored. To me, they were constantly nagging. All I ever heard was, “Wah, wah…wah, wah…wah…” like the school teacher from the Charlie Brown cartoon.

Their advice to me was always,

Get all A’s to go to Harvard, Princeton, Yale and be doctor or lawyer and marry nice girl!

In other words,

  1. Study hard (all day and night with no social life).
  2. Get a respectable profession (so they can brag about me to everyone they know and meet).
  3. Marry an Asian woman (and her family) whom they approve of (because they personally selected and vetted her).

I truly never meant to be the black-sheep, but things didn’t quite work out like my parents had hoped.

On My Own

I left home when I turned 18 and was legally an adult. To survive, I got a job at a large retail store and worked my butt off. A coworker and I were recognized for our hard work and were rewarded with a 25 cent per hour raise! Woo-hoo!

I quickly realized that I needed to do something with my life, so I joined the military.

Life in the Military

The military taught me some of life’s greatest lessons. For example, I learned how to:

  • sweep dirt from one end of a parking area to the opposite end using a push-broom with two hands in a motion that resembles plunging a clogged toilet
  • shine a waxed floor using a buffer with one hand only
  • simultaneously hurry up and wait
  • run to a cadence, fall out of formation, throw up, and get back in to finish as a team
  • spit-shine the surface under the lid of my shoe polish can to see my reflection in it

Lessons Learned

I also learned how to:

  • live with, work with, and enjoy the company of people from all walks of life
  • follow directions and be a reliable team member
  • take initiative and lead others
  • do the right thing even when it was hard to do
  • communicate effectively one-on-one or with a large audience
  • be resilient and persistent
  • identify and solve problems
  • feel and appropriately express the full-spectrum of emotions
  • be humble, grateful, loyal, proud, and honorable

Most Important Lesson Learned

The last, but most important, lesson the military taught me was self-awareness which has led me on this journey to be the best version of me.

Now that I am retired from military service, I realize that despite all that I have experienced and learned, I have even more to learn and accomplish. Before I leave this Earth, I want to be able to honestly say that I have lived a life worth living.

Success is being a great parent, spouse, and friend; and waking up every morning excited to face the new day.


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Yours in health, wealth, and life!

Founder of Learntobegreat.com

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