Do You Have The Will to Succeed?

Do You Have the Will to Succeed

Do you have the will to succeed in life? Most people that I know personally do not pursue their dreams. They have self-doubt, but even worse, they believe that their dreams are a fantasy rather than goals that they can actually achieve. They do not believe that they can create their own destinies. Too many people just go with the flow and say, “Some day I will…” or “I need to…” If you’re reading this, you’re probably not one of them, right? You want to learn, take massive action and have the will to succeed.

I Will

1. Make the Decision to Act

Years ago, I made several attempts at blogging but I didn’t commit to them. This time, it’s different.

“Some day, I want to” has become “today, I will.”

This blog is my legacy so I have decided that I will do what it takes to make this blog successful. First and foremost, I absolutely must provide you with useful and practical information that you can apply to improve your lives. That’s more important to me than anything else that I achieve with this blog. This is why I won’t post anything for days. Many drafts have failed to make the cut.

But I often forget that this blog is also a business. Currently, I don’t have any intention of profiting from it directly but when I’m good enough, I know that opportunities will become available to me.

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” ~Jim Rohn

2. Set Goals

We have to set measurable goals in order to gauge our success as we achieve it. By the end of August, my goals for this blog are:

  • Content
    • consistently posts 3x/week
    • post a great article on Linkedin or Medium
  • Subscribers/Followers
    • Twitter: 400 followers
    • Instagram: 150 followers
  • Analytics
    • 2000 page views

By the end of the year, I will start money experiments by setting up an e-commerce store for my wife and me to run. Additionally, I will publish three podcasts and three videos for this website.

3. Learn

In my monthly blog status report for July 2017, I mentioned that I’ve been learning as much as I can about blogging and running an online business at Wealthy Affiliate. That’s just one source of information. I’ve also been continuing to absorb as much as I can through books and podcasts about blogging.

I’m currently reading #AskGaryVee by Gary Vaynerchuk and listening to Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn. Just recently, I’ve started listening to Do You Even Blog. So far, so good! I only have 32 gigabytes of space on my phone and it’s getting harder to make room for all the great podcasts I listen to on my daily commutes. 🙂

4. Network

I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that the Twitter community is extremely helpful. Twitter has been the easiest place for me to connect with other like-minded people and so I’ve embraced it. By connecting with other personal finance bloggers, writers, and health and fitness bloggers, I’ve discovered more amazing blogs that I read daily and learn from.

These are the blogs that I interact with the most, but it’s not all-inclusive:

  1. Do You Even Blog
  2. Feminist Financier
  3. Financial Samurai
  4. Frugal Asian Finance
  5. The Frugal Gene
  6. Her Money Moves
  7. The Luxe Strategist
  8. Military Dollar
  9. Millenial Money Diaries
  10. Money We Have
  11. Mr. Tako Escapes
  12. Retire by 40
  13. Tub of Cash

Clearly, I interact the most with Asian personal finance bloggers. Maybe Ms. FAF’s lists (one, two, and three) of Asian personal finance bloggers inspired me to connect with them. I never had any Asian friends until I started working with several colleagues at my current job. I was once referred to as a coconut. Dark on the outside (not really) and white on the inside. That may be so, but I love all people.

5. Be Efficient

Stop Watching TV

My definition of efficiency is not wasting time. Unfortunately, I’ve wasted a significant portion of my life watching TV. Do you have the will to succeed? Try to live without TV. This will really test your resolve. Who doesn’t love Home Garden TV and the Food Network? Did I mention I’m a huge zombie fan and had to quit The Walking Dead cold-turkey?

Not being able to watch my favorite sporting events has been the toughest part about eliminating TV from my life. I’m a huge sports-fan. If I didn’t have a job and family, I would have lived on my couch. I would have flipped through channels, going from college football to pro football to MMA to basketball (no hockey … who watches hockey?) to skiing to ice skating to curling (yes … curling) to MMA to baseball to golf and tennis… Thankfully, my Cubbies won a World Series during my lifetime so I’ve been able to close that chapter, volume, volumes 1, 2, and 3 and can focus on other areas in my life.

Since I no longer watch cable TV (or any TV for that matter) I’ve freed up about 8 hours per day … just kidding … 6 hours per day and can now devote more time to sleeping, exercising, reading, and blogging. In case you’re wondering how I survived my TV addiction, the list below summarizes my step-by-step process of healing (kind of):

  • Watched all my favorite teams on cable TV even at o-dark-thirty in the morning when I was stationed overseas.
  • Got rid of cable TV. Went to friends’ homes to watch cable TV.
  • Friends stopped inviting me over. Went to food courts when they televised ANY sporting event. Watched my favorite teams on live feeds online.
  • Wife took away my food court privileges. Watched live feeds and Youtube video clips.
  • Children came into my life. Checked all sports pages for news, results, and stats … daily.

You get the point. Start by eliminating things one by one. It really helps to have support from others (like your spouse).

Start Listening to Audiobooks and Podcasts

I’ve given up listening to the radio and music. How else can you listen to thousands of hours of audiobooks and podcasts? I’ve decided that my time is better spent learning during my commute to and from work as well as during my workouts. I don’t even miss music too much because I enjoy listening to my audiobooks and podcasts so much. Who knew that learning could be so entertaining?

6. Be Effective

It doesn’t matter how hard, how fast, or how long I run … if it’s in the wrong direction. I can do everything else right but not being effective will result in failure. It’s extremely important to interact with others. The level of engagement I receive from my blog posts and social media activity provides pretty good feedback. I plan on asking my subscribers questions in my weekly newsletters and running more polls on social media.


If you want to be successful in life, you have to pursue your dreams. You’ll most certainly learn and grow as a person even if you fail to achieve your dreams. Make the decision to take action. Set goals, measure progress, and make adjustments as necessary. Continue to learn and improve. Network. People do not become successful without the help of others. Eliminate activities that waste your most precious resource … time. Be effective by focusing on what works.

I’ve eliminated TV and video games from my life. People don’t talk enough about how much watching TV and playing video games (Candy Crush counts) wastes our time. I do not deny that they’re fun to do. I’d love to watch TV and play video games. But I refuse to do so because I know my time is limited. I’m in round 2 of 2 and will only spend quality time with family and friends if I’m not working or self-improving.

Gary Vaynerchuk has said that if you’re not driven to pursue what you want in life, go visit senior homes and spend some time with people who are in the twilight of their lives. We have time. They’ve run out and are haunted by regret for not going for it.

Do you have the will to succeed? What would you sacrifice to become successful? Please share with others and comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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    1. I’m glad you liked this article, Chintan. It’s hard enough trying to learn how to do the right things to succeed. I really believe we have to give ourselves more opportunities to succeed by eliminating things that are producing a low return on investment like watching TV (for me).

      Thanks for stopping by to comment. I appreciate it! 🙂

  1. How did I only find this post just now? Oh, and btw, I’m totally watching TV right now…I never had it when I was single, but my husband has it because of sports. However, you’re right. I’d probably be more productive without it.

    Nice list of steps! I’d add one more. I think you need confidence to succeed. Because the confidence by itself will help you actually get started. I moved to NYC without a real job because I was confident I could figure it all out. And I did!

    Thanks for the dose of inspiration and for the shout out! Looking forward to your future posts.

    1. Hi Luxe,
      Confidence. Yes. Totally agree. How about belief in yourself? I don’t think watching sports is bad. I just think that it’s bad when it consumes us and we don’t make the time to do what we really want to do. There’s a price to pay to achieve what you want and it’s inevitably time. I’ve wasted enough time with TV, video games, etc… so I’m trying to get caught up in my 40s.

      Thank you for stopping by to visit. I appreciate your comments!

  2. Inspiring article Darren, Having goals always pushes us to reach it, attain it and reach a higher one. I have daily goals, short and long term goals and it gets me motivated to always attain them.
    I totally know where your coming from watching sports. I used to have cable TV and practically addicted watching sports. Being a Bay Area resident, I used to watch a lot Niners, Warriors and Giants games. But with huge monthly cable charges I just cut the cord and my passion with watching sports was cut off as well. I realized it’s fun to watch but their are more important things to deal with.

    1. Kris,

      You absolutely get where I’m coming from. I’m still a fan of my favorite teams but I don’t want to devote the time to watch and follow them anymore. There really are much more important things to do, and frankly, I don’t miss them that much. I’ll still enjoy a game if friends or family decide to go see them or watch them on TV. However, sports and TV no longer consume more than a few minutes per week keeping up with the standings and occasional peeks at stats. 😉

      Thanks for visiting again Kris. I appreciate your comments.

  3. Such an insightful article. I like how each step is clearly presented. I think Will is a very important part of the process, as we the right mindset and the right intention we can set about defining our goals, and go about reaching them. I do think we don’t need to stop watching TV – we can watch it selectively and moderately. For instance we can really learn a thing or two by watching a good documentary. Overall, this is very enlightening. Thanks.

    1. Hi Lily,

      I agree that TV is ok in moderation. Unfortunately, so many people watch too much of it when they could be doing something more productive. At the very least, people should be spending more quality time with family and friends. I’m definitely interested in watching quality documentaries but they’re probably more readily available on YouTube, I think…

      Thank you for stopping by to comment. I appreciate it!

    1. Hey Albert!

      Trying to crush it. It helps to have a learning community who seems very willing to help others out. I don’t know if this community existed a few years ago when I was starting out. That was frustrating.

      Thanks for stopping by to comment. I appreciate it!

  4. Great ideas and encouragement. I’m older, early retired, got more money than I need and am still adding to the stash with fun side gigs. I hit my career goals, my early retirement goals, my wealth goals and most importantly my family goals. My wife of 39 years and counting and I are enjoying life. But the funny thing about goals is after you hit one you immediately start asking yourself, what next? I’m puzzling a little on that one right now…But I’m sure not watching TV!

    1. Congratulations on a life well lived and 39 years of marriage. That kind of success doesn’t happen by chance, does it?

      Thank you for stopping by to comment. I appreciate it!

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