One Rep Max Calculator and PR Tracker

How Much Do You Lift?

How Much Can You Lift?

I’ve been looking a long time for a one rep max calculator, because I rarely, if ever, do just one repetition at maximum weight (1 rep max) in any of my lifting exercises for fear of injury. Lately, I’ve been weight training more regularly and seeing steady improvements in all of my lifts. So how do I know what my 1 rep max is if I never perform them?

One Rep Max Calculator

I’ve finally found a one rep max calculator at Although they claim that over one million users actually use their calculator, I think it’s safer to assume that their calculator has been used over one million times.

How to Calculate Your One Rep Max

  1. Select genderage range
  2. Enter bodyweight & select lb / kg
  3. Select from dozens of exercises
  4. Enter weight you lift & select lb / kg
  5. Enter repetitions performed
  6. Click Calculate Strength to see your one-rep max
One Rep Max Calculator and PR Tracker

Your Strength Level Compared to Others

I entered my actual information above from June 15, 2017 and obtained the following results:

  1. I am in the intermediate strength level for the deadlift.
  2. My one-rep max in the deadlift is 355 pounds! Basically, I didn’t have to add another 50 pounds, or two 25-pound plates, to my deadlift and risk injury due to the increased stress.
  3. I am stronger than 75% of male lifters in my age group who weigh as much as me. 😉

For further information, click on the Full Strength Standards button.

One Rep Max Calculator and PR Tracker

How Accurate Are the Lift Standards? obtained its standards data from 1,875,000 lifts (entries). This calculator will get more accurate as more people use it.

One Rep Max Calculator and PR Tracker

Levels from Beginner to Elite

  1. Beginner
  2. Novice
  3. Intermediate
  4. Advanced
  5. Elite

I’m in the 160 pound weight group and have an estimated one-rep max of 355 pounds in the deadlift. By looking at the chart below, I see that I only have to increase my estimated one-rep max by 30 pounds to break into the advanced strength level!

One Rep Max Calculator and PR Tracker

Even More Exercises

Below is a picture of more barbell exercises. Only 12 exercises are displayed but there are dozens more. One note of interest is the lift counts are shown under each exercise. The most popular barbell exercises are:

  1. Bench – 3,125,000 lifts
  2. Deadlift – 1,875,000 lifts
  3. Squat – 1,780,000 lifts
  4. Shoulder Press – 495,000 lifts
  5. Barbell Curl – 270,000 lifts
  6. Front Squats – 171,000 lifts
  7. Bent Over Row – 170,000 lifts

This makes perfect sense as the first three or four exercises are the most common ways of measuring a person’s overall strength.

One Rep Max Calculator and PR Tracker

PR Tracker

I can track all my PR’s (personal records) online by creating a free account, simply, by entering my full name and email address. Since I’ve only just begun by entering my deadlift, I will have to provide an update in a month or so.

One Rep Max Calculator and PR Tracker


I love that will estimate and track my PR’s for all my lifts. I can’t wait to see my results when I provide an update to this post. In the meantime, I highly encourage you to try this out, especially if you’re like me, and don’t want to risk injury by actually performing one-rep maximums.

What do you use to calculate or track your one-rep max? Please leave your comments above.
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